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Cylindrical & Conical Wind Turbines

Cylindrical & Conical Wind Turbines

Conical and cylindrical wind turbines are mostly used for home and residential applications. This is because most cylindrical or conical wind turbines turn on a vertical axis, which are suited well for yards and rooftops.

cylindrical wind turbine

 These vertical axis wind turbines generally can turn at a slower wind speed that those with a horizontal axis, plus they are not as affected by side winds.

Vertical axis wind turbines can also hold up much more soundly in high wind speeds over 80 mph.

Some of the conical wind turbine manufacturers include MagLev and Mag-Wind (such as on Jay Leno’s Garage and Ed Begley, Jr.’s rooftop). In general, though, the manufacturers are more apt to produce cylindrical wind turbines than those with a cone shape.

Some of the manufacturers of the cylindrical wind turbines include Pac-Wind, StatoEolian GSE, Mariah Power and Ettridge. The Ettridge cylindrical wind turbine design is made of several rotating fan blades inside a cylindrical half shell.

The StatoEolian GSE wind turbine in appearance is close to the design of a paddlewheel of a steamboat in which one might find gamblers on the Mississippi River in the 1800s. This cylindrical wind turbine is especially useful for harsh weather situations as it can generate electricity up to 93 mph and withstand winds up to 124 mph such as in a hurricane.

Pac-Wind makes both the Aeolian and Seahawk cylindrical wind turbine models that are both built for low wind conditions and will work at homes and remote locations. These are both also useful for backup power. The Mariah Power Windspire is 30 feet long and two feet wide and looks more like a piece of yard art revolving in the breeze.

This design is very quiet, corrosion resistant and low maintenance as well. It can also be easily repainted to fit in with the color scheme of a home or office building.

The conical and cylindrical wind turbines offer home and business owners an alternative to the traditional horizontal axis bladed turbines. This combination of art and functionality give homeowners choices in regard to both electrical generation and visual appeal.