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Helical Wind Turbine

Helical Wind Turbine

Helical wind turbines have grown in popularity recently especially for home and urban use. Many helical wind turbines look like DNA structures, large drill bits or other spiral designs which catch the wind and produce electricity.

 The helical wind turbine is said by manufacturers to be quieter than bladed turbines because of slower speeds along the blade tips. 
Helical Wind Turbine

Another advantage of the helical wind turbine design is that many times slow minimum wind speeds are needed in order to get the device rotating.

Typically, helical wind turbines are designed along a vertical axis. Vertical axis wind turbines are generally gaining popularity for residences and urban settings because they can be placed lower to the ground and on rooftops.

Another advantage of the helical wind turbine is that it generally can be used in areas with higher wind speeds where bladed turbines would need to be shut down for safety reasons. Three of the popular manufacturers of the helical wind turbine include Helix, QuietRevolution and Wind Wanderer.

Helical wind turbines can be mounted on rooftops, in yards, at airports or other settings depending upon the exact design and application. They can be tower mounted or mounted close to the base.

Another advantage of the helical wind turbine is bird safety. In recent years, manufacturers of utility scale horizontal axis bladed wind turbines have come under fire for killing birds especially in migratory paths.

With a helical wind turbine, bird issues have rarely been a concern. Helical wind turbines are also less susceptible to problems with crosswinds than bladed turbines and they require no tail-fan to keep them pointed in the optimal direction.