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Wind Energy Resources

The following wind energy resources will give you further reading material about wind turbines and wind power. The resources listed below have been initially researched by me. But that said, I do not keep up to date of the changes to these websites.

If any of these websites does not in some way pass muster or it has changed into something else, like another business, please report this to me ASAP using the contact form so that I can re-review the site.

Enjoy the additional information listed on these wind energy resources



National Renewable Energy Laboratory is a government site devoted to wind energy research and development.

How Wind Turbines Work is a page from the U. S. DOE website that explains the basics of large scale wind energy.



The American Wind Energy Association is an often quoted resource for my website and it has many current facts and statistical information from which to draw.

The National Wind Coordinating Collaborative is a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting wind energy in the U. S.

Alternative Energy News – Large directory and resource for wind power plus other forms of alternative energy.

Open Source Wind Turbine Plans – this is a large PDF that takes a long time to download. That said, if you want to build your own wind turbine, these plans are free so you can’t get any cheaper than that.

Canadian Wind Energy Association – non-profit association promoting wind turbines and energy in Canada.

European Wind Energy Association – with over 700 members in 60 different countries this is one of the largest wind energy organizations in Europe.

Wind Powering America – government website educating people about how wind energy impacts the electrical supply.

Danish Wind Energy Association – made up of 250 members of business and government interested in promoting wind turbines.

IWEA – Iowa Wind Energy Association

Hull Wind – the town of Hull, Massachusetts was recognized by the U. S. Department of Energy for its efforts to convert to wind power.


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