Sunday , February 18 2018
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Wind Turbine Advertising

Wind Turbine Advertising

Wind turbines themselves are controversial enough as many people just don’t like the sight of them. Some environmentalists and homeowners object to wind turbines on the “not in my backyard” phenomenon saying they wreck the landscape.

wind turbine advertising  So, it should be no surprise that wind turbine advertising is another controversial green subject.

It calls into question several issues, which bring together those who don’t like wind turbines, those who don’t like outdoor advertising and those who suspect the using wind generators for advertising purposes will just promote greenwashing.

Now, one can just imagine the fast spinning blades of a smaller wind turbine displaying the Target or BMW logo. One may not want to see the Microsoft symbol, NBC Peacock or McDonald’s logo on spinning wind turbine blades while out on a Sunday drive.

There could even be banners fluttering in the breeze hanging from the wind turbines and nearby could wind wavers or inflatable wind dancers. These might be considered eyesores by many.

But, now consider for a minute the vertical axis wind turbines that have been growing in popularity lately. Several companies including the Quiet Revolution and WePower are not only building popular vertical axis turbines but are starting to advertise for different companies upon these turbines as well.

A couple advantages of using vertical wind turbines for outdoor advertising platforms include the design can be used flip-card style to create animated advertisements before the public eye. The electricity generated from these turbines can also be used to power larger billboards.

Now, like I’ve stated not everyone will be happy with more billboards blocking the scenery and greenery, whether they are powered with renewable energy or not. But, one big celebrity in the name of Jay Leno is already on board.

On top of Jay’s Garage is a vertical axis magnetic wind turbine from WePower. This turbine is similar to other WePower “Windvertising” wind turbines that will be going up in the near future. In fact, the company has the resources to put up around 500,000 such wind turbines over the next couple of years.

Other wind turbine designs are more modest in scale. Like the concept or not, vertical axis wind turbines are offering manufacturers and advertisers more flexibility than ever before. Look for wind turbine advertising to come to a highway and neighborhood soon near you.