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Wind Turbine Jobs

Wind Turbine Jobs

Well, there is nothing like trying to predict the weather and giving out a wind turbine jobs forecast is something along the same lines. But, for argument’s sake let’s take a stab at a little prognostication based upon current facts and forward thinking.

 Let’s start with the facts about wind turbine jobs and move on from there. According to the American Wind Energy Association for the year 2008, there were 85,000 jobs within the wind energy sector. This is a sharp upturn from 2007 in which there were 50,000 wind turbine jobs.

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Also, in 2008 Iowa (2,790 MW) edged out California (2,517 MW) for second place for wind energy capacity with Texas (7,116 MW) solidly in first place. For a list of the top 10 wind producing states see the page on wind farms that will give you more details.

Now, as a little reality check for 2009, because of the economic climate including the credit crisis, there has been a downturn in the wind turbine orders as well. T. Boone Pickens has had to delay some of his wind farm project because of the credit situation and some of the major wind turbine manufacturers like Clipper Windpower, LM Glasfiber, DMI Industries and Trinity Structural Towers have all announced layoffs.

The outlook for wind turbines jobs in 2009 looks to be rocky with some companies remaining strong and hiring employees while others are conducting layoffs. A couple of resources for those looking for jobs in the wind energy sector include Wind Jobs and Wind Industry Jobs (I’m not affiliated with either).

Even though the overall economy is not expected to do well in 2009, let’s look forward to the wind industry jobs after the overall market rebounds (this is also where predicting the weather comes in).

There are a couple of green job surveys taken in 2008 that give widely differing results as to what the future looks like. Of course, the wind energy sector is but a part of the overall green jobs sector that also includes solar, geothermal, biofuels and other renewable and alternative energy subsections.

According to the U. S. Mayors Green Jobs Report in October of 2008, there are expected to be 4.2 million green jobs created by 2038. Over 85-percent of these jobs are said to be in metropolitan areas. This is part of the newly created Green Jobs Index which is now tracking this progress.

According to the American Solar Energy Society, however, 37 million green jobs will be created in the U. S. by the year 2030. These jobs will be in renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.

Of course, the fastest growing renewable energy sector is jobs in the wind turbine industry. But, this still accounts for only a 10-percent or so of the overall green jobs (at least according to the Mayors’ report).

So, wind turbine jobs for 2009 as for many sectors may be as turbulent as the weather itself. But, the long-term view is optimistic and growth oriented so one should not shy away from getting a toehold in this industry quickly as many ground floor opportunities now will most assuredly blossom over time.

2014 and 2015

In2014, United States wind industry added 23,000 jobs upping the sector’s total to 73,000 jobs. The year 2015 has begun with 12,700 MW of wind projects under construction, a record for the start of any year. Wind is rebounding.


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