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Wind Turbine Records

Wind Turbine Records

Simply put, a wind turbine is a type of device which is used to convert energy from wind which is also referred to as wind energy into what is known as mechanical energy. This is all a process that is often called wind power. If mechanical energy produces electricity, it can be referred to as a wind turbine device or even a wind power plant.

 If the gathered mechanical energy is utilized for driving machinery, for instance, to grind or pump water, the device then becomes referred to as a wind pump or a windmill. 

It can additionally be referred to as a wind charger if it’s ever used for charging batteries.

Over the years, these devices have transformed and have grown. There are a number of records for these devices that have been made over the years, and some of them are listed below.

Top List of Wind Turbine Records

Largest Capacity

With an overall height of about 650 ft, the Enercon E-126 has become known for being the largest capacity turbine around since it was first introduced in 2007. It has a 126 m diameter and its overall rating is 7.58MW. There is an average of 5 companies that are currently working on developing a 10 MW wind turbine.

Largest Swept Area

There is a wind turbine that currently holds the largest swept area and is called the Siemens SWT-6. This turbine has a diameter of about 154 m and this has given it a total sweep of nearly 18,600m.

Tallest Turbine

There are currently two wind turbines that are located in Poland. Each one stands about 210 meters and they were constructed in the late part of 2012 by Fuhrlaender. They both have the same axis height as some of the other taller wind turbines around such as the Fuhrlaender Wind Turbine which is 160 meters. However they have a reach of 160 meters while Laasow’s reach is at 205 meters. All three of these turbines are currently the only 3 that have a height of more than 200 meters.

Most Southerly

There are 3 wind turbines that set the wind turbines records for being the furthest to the south. They are the Enercon-E33 located in Antarctica, the Scott Base found in New Zealand, and McMurdo Station and there is one in the US known as the McMurdo Station which has been operating since 2009. There is also a modified HR3 wind turbine system that operated in 1997-98.

Most Productive Turbine

There are 4 turbines that set the record for being the most productive. They are located at a wind farm in Denmark and all 4 share this record for being the most productive turbines around. Each one of the 4 generated about 63.2 GWz in June of 2010 alone.

Largest Vertical Turbine

Located in Cap-Chat Quebec at the Le Nordais wind farm the Eole has the world’s largest axis at about 110 m. The nameplate capacity is at 3.8 MW.

Largest Wind Turbine Floating

The Hywind has become the world’s first floating and largest turbine and has also become the first deep water turbine. At 2.3 MW it operates at 10 kilometers in about 220 meters of deep water. This is located southwest of Karmoy in Norway. This turbine started working in 2009 and it uses 2.3 MW of turbine.